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Motivation and Positive Thinking
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Friday, February 11, 2011

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Political Shame by Canadian Politicians On Behave Of Canada

To Who it may consern; I just wrote a email to Stephen Harper and I do hope he recieves it and I am going to place the Article I wrote to him on this post, if it will acceptit all I hope and if it does not, you should be able to read it at my Home page of googles at:
I Just finished reading an Article about Canada Snubbing North Korea by our very own politicians who are supposed to represent Canada on our behalf and I am very ashamed by the way our Politian’s have embarrassed us by being so undiplomatic or as some would say un-statesman like on our behalf. I am very ashamed of our politicians who are supposed to represent our Country with some sort of dignity which they have apparently have not done so.
I could see and believe that the NDP. The Liberals and even the Bloc Quebec Party (Separatist government) doing such an atrocious act but not the Conservative Government. Shame on You Harper; you should be ashamed to have allowed something like this to happen.
Below I will give you the Article I read from Yahoo News.

NKorean officials visit Canada under radar
1 hour, 23 minutes ago
By Mike Blanchfield, The Canadian Press

OTTAWA - A senior North Korean official recently visited Ottawa and the federal government deliberately chose to snub him, The Canadian Press has learned.
The disclosure of what was a rare public talk from a top North Korean bureaucrat comes as Canada suspended Tuesday its already modest diplomatic relations with the reclusive regime that has been blamed for the sinking of a South Korean warship.
A team of international investigators, including three Canadian Navy experts, concluded last week that a torpedo from a North Korean submarine tore apart the Cheonan warship on March 26, killing 46 sailors.
But even before the team made the announcement, the federal government chose to purposely ignore a delegation of North Korean officials that visited an Ottawa university earlier in the month.
Carleton University's Centre for Treaty Compliance hosted a delegation that included Ho Yong Bok, the director general of North Korea's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, responsible for relations with Canada, Latin America and Africa.
But beyond an account in a student newspaper, the May 10 visit occurred with hardly a ripple of publicity.
Catherine Loubier, the spokeswoman for Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon, said the federal government had nothing to do with the visit and made a conscious effort to ignore it. The government refused to meet the North Koreans or allow government officials to attend the event.
"We didn't meet with him on purpose, to protest," said Loubier, adding that the list of reasons included the country's human rights record and its violation of international obligations.
At the time, North Korea was suspected of being behind the sinking of the South Korean submarine.
That did not escape the notice of those who gathered in Carleton University's Robertson Hall for 90 minutes to hear from Ho and two of his subordinates.
"If the South tries to connect that issue with us there will be severe consequences," Ho said, according to a May 17 article in Carleton's student weekly, The Charlatan.
Ho's answer fell directly in line with his government's response after it was blamed for the sinking.
Ho spoke through an interpreter to what was described as a "roundtable" discussion.
Carleton organizers never intended Ho's remarks to be widely disseminated to the general public.
"The Roundtable is a unique opportunity for direct interaction with senior policy makers from this reclusive nuclear power," says a notice of the event that billed it both as "open" but to be conducted under "Chatham House Rule."
The internationally-recognized "Rule" means that the identity and the affiliation of any speaker at an event cannot be reported. Technically, the rule would have meant Ho could neither be identified by name nor his job in North Korea's foreign ministry.
But it appears the student newspaper chose to break the rule, and reported on Ho's remarks.
"We do have some shortcomings," Ho said, when asked about his country's dubious human rights record.
But he refused to speculate on who would succeed his country's leader, Kim Jong-Il. "That kind of issue is not discussed."
Ho also disputed the reclusive characterization of his country. "Reports by the outside media are 99 per cent false," he told the group. "We love Canada. We respect Canada. Let's establish bilateral relations hand in hand."
Canadian officials periodically made "advocacy" visits to North Korea to talk about its nuclear program and human rights violations, but those will now be suspended, said Loubier.
The last Canadian diplomatic visit to North Korea occurred in March 2010, she said.
On Monday, Ottawa announced new sanctions on North Korea, including restrictions on trade, investment and other bilateral relations

I do not care whatever excuse you may come up with; this is not how Canada is: Canadians do not function in any way at all with this childish attitude of our Political Leaders and Politicians in the way they have shown and what they have done on Canada’s behalf. This is outright embarrassing to all Canadians in Whole.

Canada now has a task at hand to send an apology for what our Politicians have done to North Korea and re-invite North Korea to make amends’ of our Country’s error of judgment which will also show that Canada will admit to it errors and are willing to correct our errors giving North Korea an example of what honor we as Canadians do have. And we are not afraid to correct our errors and make good of what we all stand for as fellow Canadians. We are not Cow Boys like in the USA.
When a person is accused of something; we go to a Court of Law which North Korea should have had the chance and opportunity to defend itself from the accusations that were made against it and given the chance to correct its’ errors if they were guilty of whatever crime or of any crime they are accused of which they were not really given the chance and opportunity to defend themselves in a Court of Law which would most likely be a Court set up by the UN for example and not be judged by just one Country or a few. We are not the US; Shoot First and ask questions later and maybe say” Oops” if there is or are any one in the USA that would admit to any wrong doing.
Yes ; the person that is running their Country is responsible, but even he or she has a right to defend themselves to what degree they may be guilty of. Maybe his Military made a mistake or error of judgment or even decided to fire the torpedo without their leaders consent or other. This we do not know and we need to give the leader the chance to check and verify, plus also have access to what evidence that is place against him so that he has the opportunity to defend himself from whatever accusations that are made against him and if his Military is at fault he should still have the opportunity to correct what was done to satisfy the needs of his accuser etc.
It is not right to use ones history of their past dealings or other areas of discontent which has nothing in whole to the accusation but maybe considered as part of a whole. It also could be used as a good means to help make a final decision on what a verdict maybe at the end of a trial etc. (A decision Maker).
1/.Going to war is not an option that should ever be considered to go on without 100% accuracy of guilt by any party as a whole.
2/.Proof of Intent and to what degree of Intent and proof that is given has a major effect on making a proper and descent decision on weather they should go to war or not.
3/. Religion or religious believes are in no way a legitimate excuse (for or to go to) war at all or by any means.
4/. Incompetent means by either party or parties is no excuse for anyone at all to justify a war or other.
5/. Make your own list or lists etc.

Harper ; Wake Up and Smell The Coffee; This is Canada, the Country that is supposed to be known as a Peace Maker, not a War Maker! And Canadians wish it to stay that way unless we have absolutely no choice but to go to war if we really have to in order to preserve our Freedoms and our Democratic Society as a whole
If you or any of your Politicians are afraid to go to North Korea or even to Iran to try and Create the peace we all wish and want throughout the world, then you can summons or call on “me” to go there for you and do the job you are all elected to do for us all here in Canada and the representatives for world Peace throughout the world. Some things are worth dying for and I am not afraid to Die for world Peace; Are You?
I am a true Blue Canadian! What are You? Are you willing to die and suffer for what you truly believe in? I know I am! Call my Bluff and see what I will or will not do. I Dare You!
Author: John L.S. Adams
PS. I died once when I was a little boy and I know there was a reason for me to come back to the living which I have had no fear of death since because of what I had experienced when I had died and I do know that there was a purpose which I will not really fully know and understand until my time does come around for the second time around.
Like in the bible if you are a true believer which I am not. (I Fear No Evil) Which one are You?
There is no fear than fear itself and there are many that are fearful because of the unknown. If you knew what your Destiny was going to be like and what it will feel like, then you will not have that fear, because you will know down deep in your heart what is going to happen and will happen. That will be part of our Destiny which we know will Conquer over all fears ahead of ourselves
Think Great, Be Great and Do Great. We are the ones’ that will control our Destinies to come now and in the Future, so go forth and Prosper. ,,,,,,, ,,

Monday, April 12, 2010

A Waterfall A Place To Relax And Enjoy

Charlie Page a true Mentor; I would recommend to anyone starting out to be an Affiliate or even a DOE Member of his. He cuts to the chase and does not hand out any bull,because he does not wish to waste your time or his and you could never ask for a more honest and true person to help you to succeed in the Internet business if you so do wish to. Charlie Page has a heart of gold and he has help me, even before I was able to become a DOE Member and I am very proud to have had the opportunity to have gotten to know him on the Internet.

I hope some day to be able to see him personally one day and thank him for what he has done for me and the many others he has helped through out his years of being the owner and Director of Ezines which he bought the company from the original owner in a very sort time which he will tell you himself about his accomplishments in the internet business and owning the company he now has. His story is amazing and a very true story of how he grew from nothing with no future at hand to having a very successful business on the internet.

The Bonas he has to offer is that you will get the real stuff and the poof of the pudding that you will need to know and do, where most of the so called Gurus are only there to take your money and run or just leave you hanging without knowing where to go or what to do next. Charlie Page is there for you all the way where all the others are not.

Follow me and watch out for some of his Articles I will have on my web sites and learn from him, mind you I have a lot to teach and guide you with also and at this very moment in time; it will all be "Free" from me to you untill I find some way to sell my Articles to you. There are a few things I will have to do yet, so do not wait too long, otherwise you will have to pay for what I am offering you now for free.

Like a waterfall or a stream; you need to relax and take it easy and do not rush into anything before you are ready to follow and go to the next step that you will have to follow, in order to be a success in your new endevour and adventure that you are going on. Do not jump steps, otherwise you will surely fall. Take one step at a time and you will achieve your goal and succeed.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Creative Minds For Creative People

Creative Minds For Creative People is something we all have the ability to do in one form or another. It is a Special Gift that we all have, but saddly there are many that do not know how to do it or use it or it is just that some do not want to use it because they do not have the wish to learn and want to get ahead in whatever Endevour or Adventure there is out there for them all, just for the asking and taking at their own wish and command.

(Lazy, Ignortant, no ambition in one's life or other) comes to mind, but there are the exceptions though of some who do have disabilities of some kind or another which can be a legitimite excuse, but there are some with these disabilities that can do things that a normal person as we all deem to be normal cannot do, but they can; like playing a musical Instrument, Sing, are very skilful in many things that a normal person is unable to do themselves which is a remarkable thing as we all know it to be.

To have a Creative Mind envolves many Special requirements which we all do have and all it takes is a little effort on our part to be able to take advantage of the Special Gifts which are all given to us all.

Some Creations are also by accident and all it takes is a person to be aware of what is all around them and to be able to pay attention and have an inquistive mind of how, why, what, howcome things work or why some things come out the way they do. All they really had to do was to just take the time to find out or do a little research on whatever subject that has caught their attention like the person who discovered Gravity which was by pure accident when he was sitting under a tree and a Apple fell on him for example. The Invention of the wheel and so on, the light bulg. the telegraph and many other things that were discovered by accident; even the Tooth pick etc.

If it weren't for Creative people with Creative Minds, we would still be in the dark ages as we all know it to have been like before something was discovered or Invetented for all of us to enjoy in todays time and era.

It is these people who were seen as or called Geeks, Nerds, Dreamers, People that were willing to try something new and that everyone that did not know anybetter (Negative Thinkers) kept knocking them down saying that will not work, you are just dreaming, it is impossible etc, but these people persisted untill they did succeed in whatever they were attempting to accomplish.

Chrisifer Columbus comes to mind when he proved the world was round when everyone thought the world was flat and if you went over the edge, you were never going to come back, but he proved them all wrong, now didn't he, besides he was not the only ones' who proved it like the Viking, People Travelling from South Africa to Autralia where you have the Aribinese (Africans who travelled there by boat) Long before the Whiteman new of Australia, Eric the leaf, Eric the Red, Pirates etc.

To be Creative,you need to be a 1/.Dreamer, 2/.you needed the desire, 3/.you had to be a positive Thinker, 4/.you had to keep on trying untill you succeeded, 5/.had the persistance and determination, 6/.you had to have a goal, you needed to be willing to fight all odds of Negativity comming your way and much, much more.

Motivation and Positive Thinking are Key elements which are the main tools you will need to be successful in all of your Endevours and Adventures you may go on to succeed. A Creative Mind needs all of this and more, so if you see someone doing something different and strange; they may just be the person who will come up with something new for all of us to enjoy and make our life's needs a little bit or a lot more easier as we all know it today.

Bill Gates is a perfect example of todays technology with the computer, the Internet is constantly improving beyond our wildest dreams, TV, Satillite, SpaceCraft, Space Stations; Anything that you can possibly think of and more.

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